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Boat Slips

Los Angeles County Department of Beaches; Harbors has overall management responsibility for anchorages in Marina del Rey. Individual marinas are managed by a number of public and private organizations, including management companies, yacht clubs, hotels, and apartment management groups. A designated; dockmaster; is in charge of managing, pricing and leasing slips in each marina. There are 5,246 boat slips in 23 anchorages and marinas. Below is a listing of the wet slip anchorages and marinas in our community.

Slip Availability

There is no central source of slip vacancy information. For availability information, contact the dockmaster at each marina. Some vacancies are listed on the County's website, marinadelrey.lacounty.gov.


Liveaboards in Marina del Rey must comply with County Code 19.12.1110, which prohibits a person from using a vessel as an abode in excess of three days within any one-week period, unless authorized by the dockmaster where the boat is anchored, and issued a liveaboard permit by the Harbor master at the L.A. County Sheriff Department. It is completely within the discretion of the local dockmaster as to if and whether a liveaboard situation will be authorized in any particular marina.

A permit will only be issued by the L.A. County Sheriff Department Harbormaster upon compliance with the following: (1) compliance with the requirements of seaworthiness as described in County Code 19.12.1060; (2) installation of a federally approved marina sanitation device of self-contained portable toilet approved by the Harbor Master. Liveaboard permits are valid for a period of one year. (3) proof of authorization by the dockmaster.