Visiting Ballona Wetlands

Recently, our team took a little field trip to our friendly neighbor, the Ballona Wetlands.  If you’ve never visited Los Angeles or lived in the city, there is a good chance you may not have heard of this nature lover sanctuary.  It’s filled with wildlife, unique vegetation and offers a special sense of serenity, which can sometimes be lost in a bustling city.

Bright flowers peak through the wetlands

Bright flowers peak through the wetlands

The preservation of the wetlands is run by a non-profit called Friends of Ballona. Through this organization, groups can organize tours and volunteer opportunities (we shared our tour with a group of 3rd graders). You can also sign up to train as a docent and participate in monthly restoration activities.

On our visit, we were led by tour guide Patrick who explained the history of the area and how the wetlands current state came to be. Because of its location, the wetlands are an estuary and sees both freshwater and saltwater marshes. What also makes the area so popular amongst nature lovers is its attraction of birds. The wetlands are located right in the middle of the Pacific Flyway  and with 600 acres of land, it’s no surprise that the habitat has seen more than 300 species of birds and is home to such wildlife as the Great Blue Heron and Snowy Egrets. Can you spot one below?

A Great Blue Heron walks through the wetlands

Nature’s Serenity

We had a wonderful time learning about the area and the special history of the wetlands. Be sure to add it to your Marina del Rey “to-do” list!

Marina love,