Meetings and Events at Marina del Rey

Hold a Meeting at Sea

By Valerie Arias

Marina del Rey is a waterfront haven for meeting planners. Because we’re located in the heart of the Los Angeles coastline, we’re able to put a creative twist on traditional meetings as we showcase the harbor with unique venues like luxury yachts, on-the-water activities, and waterfront dining. Signature events in the Marina include sunset cocktail receptions, enjoying a private yacht club, and team-building events such as mini-sailing regattas, group rowing, and deep sea fishing.

Recently, Successful Meetings magazine featured these tips from Stephanie Ginzburg of FantaSea Yachts  about planning a meeting and/or event on the water:



How to Hold a Meeting at Sea

FantaSea Yachts delivers some insightful tips for yacht meetings and events

By Stephanie Ginzburg

Warm weather year-round in Marina del Rey, CA makes anything to be celebrated a festive occasion in this city. Who doesn’t love a yacht party and who wouldn’t want to go to a meeting aboard a yacht? Whether it be the annual holiday event or a sales meeting, a yacht event is a great way to spend time with your captive audience while enjoying the beautiful ocean scenery. Here are a few trips for hosting a meeting or event onboard a yacht?

Chart your budget. Hosting an event offers endless possibilities in food, drink and entertainment. FantaSea Yachts offers various packages and amenities that fit every budget. Prioritize what is most important to your group and state clearly what you need.

Plan for your event needs and space. The number of meeting attendees and agenda for your event will help you in choosing the right yacht, floor plan and set-up.

Don’t sweat the decor.  Need an awesome and unique setting for your meeting? Let nature’s natural beauty be your Designer. Surrounded by the beauty of the blue coastal waters and soft sun kissed warmth of the Marina, a few scattered candles, sand and seashells can do the trick nicely. This a good way to save money and maximize your meeting budget.

RSVPlease! We all want to do something for the environment – try sending an Evite or Paperless Post Invite to guests. This also helps keep track or your guests and allows up to the last minute responses and comments.

Best of Both Worlds.  FantaSea Yachts can offer you the best of a traditional land based meeting space in our water-front ballroom and then head out after the meeting for a scenic lunch, dinner or cocktail cruise aboard a beautiful yacht.

Enjoy. Front load the work and planning. Hosting a meeting or event aboard a yacht allows you to relax, mix and mingle with your group as you all share the adventure of cruise.

For a glimpse into what it’s like to host a charter or event onboard a yacht cruise in Marina del Rey, click here.