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90292 Eats: Mariners Cafe

Welcome to our new blog series, 90292 Eats, which explores dining in Marina del Rey. The staff of the Marina del Rey Convention & Visitors Bureau is more than happy to try out our local restaurants and point you in the right direction of what to order. Bon Appétit!

Mariners Cafe

Mariners Cafe is one of those little culinary gems that only gains a following through word of mouth. You won’t find it off the Marina’s main drag, Admiralty Way, nor will you find it off any street in the Marina – it’s located within the Mariners Village apartment complex and has no street signage. So, consider yourself now in the know! Visitors can park in the county lot on Via Marina across from the complex entrance, then walk into the community. Follow the signs to the Leasing Center and you’ll bump into a small amenity promenade with a dry cleaner shop out front, and Mariners Cafe a bit further.

Look for the cafe among the community’s shops

The Yums

Chicken pizza

A French bistro-inspired menu offers breakfast all day, which choices ranging from several omelette options to Belgian waffles and baked goods.

At lunch and dinner, the burgers and thin-crust pizzas shine on the menu. For the latter, expect both common recipes like Hawaiian style and Margherita, and unusual combinations like an apple and blue cheese pie or a shrimp and scallop version. We haven’t made it yet to the specialties section of the menu, which lists several pastas – some with gluten-free options.

While the cafe doesn’t boast sweeping Marina views like larger joints on Admiralty, it offers its own dose of serenity with a quiet atmosphere set among the lushly landscaped Mariners Village.

Mariners Cafe interior

The Details

Find Mariners Cafe in the Mariners Village apartment complex

4600 Via Marina, Marina del Rey, CA 90292


Open daily, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.