Holiday Getaway Ideas for the Family

Holiday Getaway Ideas for the Family

As Christmas gets closer, many families think of snowboarding and sitting by a fire. That’s fine. But are you dreaming about a white Christmas or a sunny, warm Christmas? Do you want to walk through the icy snow or on a powdery sand beach?

A vacation in Marina del Rey can offer your family so much fun and excitement. For starters, you can:

  • Eat amazing food while watching a Pacific sunset
  • Sail a ship
  • Go surfing
  • Stay in a nice hotel overlooking Marina del Rey Harbor
  • Do whatever you want in shorts and t-shirts!

Below are some holiday getaway ideas to help you brainstorm how to give your family beautiful memories on your next vacation.

Where and What Is Marina del Rey?

Marina del Rey is a small, dynamic community right on the ocean in Los Angeles County, California. Lovers of water sports, boating, shopping, and even bicycling love to visit here.

The marina itself houses about 5,000 boats and is the biggest man-made harbor in North America. Marina del Rey is known all over Los Angeles as the place to go for beautiful coastal parks, fashionable boutiques, tours, hiking and biking trails, and entertainment events.

What Can Families Do in Marina del Rey?

There’s fun to be had for mom, dad, and kids here. For a day of shopping, stroll over to the Waterside, an open-air mail, to enjoy upscale clothing stores, health food stores, restaurants, outdoor eating, services, and more.

Take your kids for a walk in the Aubrey E. Austin Jr. Park, at the ocean end of Marina del Rey. They can even fish off the North Jetty there.

If you’re adventurous, take a sailing class or row with the canoe club. There are a variety of clubs and programs for families of all skill levels to get onto the water via boat. Then, you can finish each day with a family dinner at a restaurant, such as the The Cheesecake Factory.

Book Your Dream Vacation

These ideas are really just the beginning. If you’re ready for sun, sand, relaxation, and recreation, book a visit to Marina del Rey now. We’ll help you build your own custom itinerary, find transportation, pick out exciting activities, and discover other holiday getaway ideas.