Aerial of Marina del Rey harbor

Filmed in Marina del Rey: Fun 80’s TV Shows

If you’re craving some 80’s nostalgia, then add the following 80’s TV shows filmed in Marina del Rey to your playlist. Grab some popcorn and get ready to enjoy the retro music and fashion! Spotting L.A.’s Marina in these TV shows will bring a smile to your face, too. With 300 days of sunshine, stunning yachts and sparkling waters, it’s no wonder L.A.’s Marina has been and continues to be a popular filming hotspot for TV and movies. 

This is just a sampling of 80’s TV shows filmed in Marina del Rey. Do you know of any others? Email us at and we’d be happy to update our list. Feeling like a movie instead? Click here to read our other list of movies filmed in L.A.’s Marina. 

The A-Team

This American adventure television series helped Mr. T's career take off in the 80's. Who can't resist saying, "I pity the fool" once in a while? Or maybe getting inspired to rock a very chic mohawk and gold chains for Halloween? In the A-Team episode "Double Heat," you get to see a view of the Marina with actors Leah Ayres and Daniel Green sitting at a table inside The Chart House restaurant. Now, we gotta say, "We pity the fool" who didn't enjoy that day of filming in the Marina!

The Charthouse is now shuttered, but you can still order takeout and enjoy waterfront views one day at many other Marina del Rey restaurants. Click hereto see a list of waterfront restaurants; most are currently open for takeout and delivery.

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Murder She Wrote

In this American crime drama television series starring Angela Lansbury as mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher, the mystery leads to a TV show puppet being used as a murder weapon. The episode, "Something Foul in Flappieville," leads us to the Boathouse located at Burton Chace Park. It appears to be decorated as a location for a puppet show theater. No mystery to solve here now--you can easily find the Boathouse when you park at Burton Chace Park's main lot. The facility was recently renovated and now serves as a rental space to the public for gatherings such as meetings, conferences, training sessions, and receptions.

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Charlie's Angels

This popular television show started in the late 70's and continued into the 80's. It followed the crime-fighting adventures of three private detectives played originally by Kate Jackson, Farah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith. Their unseen boss "Charlie Townsend" was heard over a speakerphone. In the episode of "Cruising Angels," Charlie has purchased a yacht for the company. And somewhere along the way, it goes missing but is returned back to its slip with only a few clues for the detectives to use in solving the mystery. What we do know is the boat slip in which they filmed was located at Anchorage 47--which is just between Burton Chace Park and the new Trader Joe's on Mindanao Way.

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TJ Hooker

If you haven't seen this police drama TV show starring the Emmy-award winning actor William Shatner, then you're in for a treat! He plays a police sergeant who was formerly a plainclothes detective. He is hard core about finding crime and catching the bad guys! The death of his partner leads him to going back as a uniformed patrol officer mentoring and training new recruits. Side note: one of the new recruits turns out to be a character played by actress Heather Locklear (you know, the one who was married to Richie Sambora of Jon Bon Jovi!?).

In this episode (with a very 80's title), "Matter of Passion," Hooker investigates the death of a jogger found on the beach. The helicopter and speed boat scene appears to be outside of the Marina del Rey channel. Who doesn't love a good chase scene in an 80's TV show!?

Want to rent your own boat? Click here to view a list of approved charters and boat rentals in the Marina.

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