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Waterfront Mansions & Venice Beach

waterfront homes on Marina del Rey's Grand Canal

Marina del Rey has plenty of special qualities. I mean, where else in Los Angeles can you paddleboard to dinner? However, one of my absolute favorite features of the community is an area known as the Marina Peninsula. Its serene setting is straight out of a movie set (Salma Hayek & Pierce Bronson were spotted filming […]

50 Years of Boat Parade Lovin

The big 5-0 is the golden jubilee of anniversaries. A semi-centennial, exactly half way to the full-grown maturity of centennialhood. In the ADD-addled age of 140-character Tweets and slang that shortens real words into beloved yet unidentifiable fragments (exhibit A: totes the best hun-cal fro yo) a 50-year tradition is something to celebrate. As it so […]

Willie Hjorth: Hands Behind the Sails

Less than five decades ago, Willie Hjorth and her late husband were pioneers in the sailing world. The couple moved to the newly built Marina del Rey in the mid-60s with dreams of starting a business and sailing around the world. Born on a Navajo reservation, Willie didn’t have access to water. She credits her […]

Winona Phillabaum and The Lloyd Taber-Marina del Rey Public Library

bicycling in Marina del Rey

Set along the coastal bike path and adjacent to Admiralty Way, The Lloyd Taber-Marina del Rey Public Library overlooks Basin F of the Marina. Filled with thousands of books, the library is frequented by locals of all ages. The library’s “sail window” in the Nautical Wing looks out onto boats in the harbor, the perfect […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Marina del Rey Biking

Biking is an everyman’s sport. It’s something most people learn as a child and it’s a talent that’s hard to lose, hence the well-known and overused phrase “It’s like riding a bike!” It’s also an agreeable pastime for all skill levels. You have your leisurely morning cruisers, your “it takes me from point A to […]

53 Incredible Things To Do in Marina del Rey

Spend the next 53 hours with us in Marina del Rey! Avoid the 405 freeway closure and other highways; instead, run, walk, bus or bike in Marina del Rey! Click here for: 53 Incredible Things to do in Marina del Rey this weekend!

Summer Has Arrived in Marina del Rey

Our favorite time of year has arrived in Marina del Rey…. outdoor dining, free concerts all summer long, and beach and water shuttles to make it easy to get around. Read here for the latest on summer activities in the Marina. Hope to see you here. Check our Facebook page for more updates! Marina del […]